Breakfast was awesome, lots of veggies in sagu, right texture of set dose, with carrot topped, homely food! 😊 I thoroughly enjoyed the sagu it was perfect for me. Thank you so much & amazing Shavige with the taste of karibevu and pungent bellulli.. Perfect texture, less oil, katum katum udinabele, kadlebele and kadlekaayibeeja 👌👌👌
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Tasty food loved it. Now I will be waiting for your food as it's yummy and tasty. Thank you, it's a blessing to get you & your prepared food as I was losing interest in eating food, after tasting your food I enjoy eating now!!
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Delicious taste with nice portion of food, very hygiene, felt good while having every bite of food
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Varun S
Tried breakfast here, we ordered Akki roti and chutney. It was very tasty and affordable rates.
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Chethana K M
Very tasty & hygienic 👌👌👌
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Subramanyam Srinivasa Murthy
Today we had Bisibelebath, it tasted good. Raita & Bisibelebath both were tasting very homely. Thank you
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